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Unnamed Tree ∞/∞ and Lost Calla are ongoing generative art projects by Angela Murr which demonstrate a rich variety of growth processes in life and societies in an artificial context and, in so doing, brings to mind a spacial infinity.

The idea of never ending Unnamed Trees ∞/∞ (influenced by Rhizom and An Unnamed Tree, A Treatise On Art of Howard Hull) started 1997 in Edinburgh and was 2003 part of a multi-dimensional dance performance in Heusteigtheater Stuttgart. 2004 part of solo show Walk Stills 1&2 at Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen. 2004 Ditone Print of Unnamed Tree 1&2 on artnet over Domberger, 2007 Gold Award Fespa Berlin. 2008 Unnamed Tree part of installation in situ for the Biennale Itinéraires. Look video.

The online collection of Unnamed Trees started in may 2008 here on soup and flickr. It was part of Angela's artist in residency project in Riga from CEAAC.

First solo show of Unnamed Tree at Art Karlsruhe 2009 in Germany. Part of publication for catalogue of group show Natur forte in Kunstverein Wilhelmshöhe Ettlingen, honored with Wolfgang-Hartmann-Preis. Installation of Unnamed Tree at multimedia festival at Ososphère Strasbourg. 
Solo show in France in the Gallery duplex Toulouse, than with duplex at Chic Art Fair Paris 2010. 
2011 in the Arsenals Exhibition Hall of Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga in cooperation with Goethe-Institut und Institut francais in Latvia. 

In april 2012 development into a 3D version of Unnamed Trees. Have a look on youtube.  Participation for International André Evard Art Price, contemporary concrete-constructivist art Kunsthalle Messmer, portrait

2013 solo show at Galerie Intuiti Paris and StArt also with Lost Calla de Marais. Information here at art magazines la critique and TK21. 2014 Skyfall of Unnamed Tree for the festival 17.Traverse Video at Goethe-Institut Toulouse.

Finally after three years research and development, 2017 Unnamed Tree can be built in Augmented Reality with the application dARwin. New Unnamed Tree sculptures are born: Unnamed Tree 1/∞ AR at Schlossplatz Stuttgart. 
2018 you can also have an Unnamed Tree AR-application based on algorithms. Unnamed Trees grows there never-ending. 
2019 even more, have a look at AR sculptures of Twin Calla, one is plant in Venice, more on ARtist and Sketchfab
2020 you can put Twin Calla with your device anywhere on the world. Please download the application ARfx and choose the sub categorie: culture

For more information, images or AR-workshops please contact:  

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